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About Us

       WiroHeart is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support underserved student artists who are not privileged enough to buy art materials and other necessities.

       We are helping underserved student artists to earn pocket money through our art competition and through our platform, where artists can upload pictures of their paintings and sell them as a form of prints. 

        We will not stop until this society can be a place where all of the student artist can pursue art without their financial difficulties. 

"Art should be for everyone. For artists and also for the buyers. make that happen"
-Sanghun Lee, Founder of WiroHeart

Helping Hands

What We do Proudly

WiroArt Creation Contest
We have created this “WiroArt” creation contest that is held every two months, where students can create any creation such as fine art, digital art, calligraphy, poem, photography, acting, music, etc, with our given themes. Topics are usually focused on hopeful and meaningful messages. For example, one of the topics was, “For people who are suffering from diseases.” and students made various artworks to encourage those sick people. We award winners with Amazon gift cards which they can use to buy any necessities including art materials and etc. Artists can participate in this competition as many times as they want. It gives frequent opportunities to express their creativity and win awards! Online Marketplace is a platform that sells prints of paintings drawn by student artists. Once a student artist uploads their pictures of paintings to our website, we manufacture them as framed prints and ship them directly to the customer as they purchase. We are doing our best to make it easier for student artists to earn some pocket money with their creations. We handle everything during the process including, shipping, marketing, manufacturing prints, customer servicing, payment processing, etc which allows teenage artists to sell their artwork without risk, burden, or worry.


Every purchase pays the artist with cash or Amazon gift cards depending on their age. It is the best and only place on the internet for adults to support teen artists so they can keep on dreaming and pursuing their passion while developing creativity!

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