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WiroArt Competition

Eve Cai |
Sofa 2nd
Cole, Larissa
Lillian | You are strong
Vincent Hu

About the WiroArt Competition

We are holding the WiroArt Art competition to provide more frequent opportunities for student artists to express their creativity and get awarded for their talent.

Unlike other art competitions that are only held once a year and give awards to a certain number of participants, the WiroArt competition is held on a rolling basis, where participants can participate as many times as they want. As we receive the artwork on a rolling basis, when our team discovers an art that is impressive, we give awards to the artist right away on a rolling basis.

The theme of the competition changes every year and you can submit your artwork anytime from January to December

What Kinds of Artwork Can I Submit?

WiroArt competition is loved by the wide variety of art forms that can be submitted.

Participants can create any type of creation, including fine art, digital art, calligraphy, poem, photography, video recording, short speech, acting, drama, music, dancing, etc with a given theme of the year

How to Join

1. Check out the theme of the competition for the current year

2. Go to WiroArt apply page and fill out the application form

3. WiroArt team will send you the confirmation email with other information you need to know for the submission

4. Start creating your artwork and submit it whenever you are ready! As it is rolling basis, there is no deadline. You can submit anytime from January to December of the year that you are participating


Winners receive Amazon giftcards & certificate from WiroHeart org


Check Out
Recent Winners & Artworks

Check out our recent WiroArt winners and their creations!

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